Rental terms and conditions

RENTAL AGREEMENT (the “Agreement”)

Between You (the “Tenant”) and MTLVacationRentals (the “Landlord”), in which the Tenant agrees to the following

All of our apartments are fully licensed and are certified by the City of Montréal. They also received a certification by the Québec authority on tourism known as the Corporation de l’Industrie Touristique du Québec (CITQ). Without those certifications an accommodation is illegal and can be closed at any moment. This Agreement is subject to the Act respecting tourist accommodation establishments and the laws of Québec, and is not subject to the Act respecting the Régie du logement and its regulations.

Rental Conditions 


Reservations booked directly on our website are 100% refundable up to 14 days prior to the arrival date. The reservation becomes non-refundable  14 days before your arrival date.


Payment schedule:  33% of the total amount is due at the booking. The balance of the payment is due 14 days prior to the arrival date.


The mandatory security deposit is taken the day before your arrival. It will be refunded within 7 days after your departure and after the inspection of the apartment. Any damage or extra cleaning will be deducted from the deposit. We will contact you in that case.


Amount of the security deposit per apartment:

  •  Chic Laurier #1, Suite 101, Entertainer, City Chalet #1, Golden Kiss, MTL Zoo : 600$
  •  Chic Laurier #2, Fabfours units #1-2-3-4,  Parkview #1-2, Galeria #1-2 : 800$
  •  Château, Suite 103, Scandinave, Cozy Laurier : 500$


1- Conclusion of the agreement:

The reservation becomes effective when a written confirmation is issued to the Tenant by the Landlord upon receipt of the required deposit and after final verification approval by the Landlord.


2- Payment of Balance:

The balance of the rental must have been paid in full before the Tenant has access to the apartment.


3- Capacity:

This Agreement is established for a specific number of people. If the number of people on the premises exceeds the number specified in the renting form, the Landlord may refuse these additional people and/or charged the Tenant a daily fee for each individual for the period of their stay. The Agreement concluded between the Tenant and the Landlord may, in no circumstances, be, even partially, used by a third party, either natural or legal person, unless otherwise agreed to in writing by the Landlord.

Any violation of this requirement could lead to the immediate cancellation of the reservation and the Landlord will keep the full amount of the rental’s proceeds. NO REFUND will be issued in this circumstance.


4- Rental Period:

The Agreement is concluded for a limited term and the Tenant may in no circumstances exercise any right to remain in the premises following the end of this term. If the Tenant wishes to extend their stay in the rented apartment, they can request it from the Landlord who will either accept or refuse such request in its sole discretion, and depending on availability.


5- Cancellation:

Cancelation policies are as stipulated on the booking website used to make the reservation. Any cancelation must be notified to the Landlord by writing through the same website.


6- Arrival and Departure:

The Tenant must arrive on the day specified in the reservation form and at the time agreed with the Landlord, between 4h00 PM and 11h00 PM. In case of late arrival, the Tenant must notify the Landlord.
If the Tenant does not get in contact with the Landlord or his representative before 4pm on the day following the planned arrival date, the reservation becomes null and void. The landlord can then immediately take over the apartment. In such circumstances, the Landlord is entitled to the full payment for the planned rental period.

The time of departure must be before 11h00 AM on the date of departure specified on the booking. Late departures are not permitted unless a written agreement has been reached with the Landlord. A charge of $ 199/hour will be charged for a late check-out of more than 30 minutes. This hourly fee doubles after 2h. The fee is applied at the 31st minute and at the start of the each subsequent hour.


7- Shortened Stay:

If for any reason, the stay in the premises is shortened by the Tenant, the total amount of the rental remains to the Landlord and no refund will be issued.


8- Use of Premises:

The Tenant must ensure the apartment’s tranquil ambience and use it as it is intended in this Agreement. The apartment will be made available to the Tenant in a good state of repair and well maintained. The Tenant shall use the rented premises and their facilities with high regards for the Landlord and respect towards the neighbors.


9- Right of Entry:

In the event that the Landlord has a legitimate cause for concern (including but not limited to: electrical or plumbing issues, presence of pets, smoking inside the premises, overcrowding, neighbor complaint for excessive noise or other serious reasons), the apartment may be entered by a representative of the Landlord to ensure the integrity of the premises. Under no circumstances may the Tenant change the access system of the apartment.


10- Condition of the Premises:

The condition of the premises is established before arrival and after departure. The visit after departure will allow the Landlord to review the general condition and cleanliness of the apartment. The Tenant must notify to the Landlord of all abnormalities or damages that occurred during their stay. Any damage to the apartment and its content will be charged to the Tenant, including a $ 50/hour fee to cover repair and/or replacement time (shopping, etc.).

The Tenant is also responsible for keeping the premises in a clean and adequate state during the rental period and before departure. The premises must be return in perfect condition and entirely operational. Any excess cleaning costs (beyond normal cleaning) will be charged to the Tenant at a rate of $ 45/hour for the extra time needed.


11- Insurance:

The Tenant is responsible for all damages caused by their actions, as well as all the members of their group and of any person that may have been introduce in the premises. Having liability insurance is recommended for the Tenant.


12- Pets and Smoking:

For the health and safety of all of the Landlord’s clients, the Landlord DOES NOT allow pets or smoking of any kind, at any time in its locations.


13- Security Deposit:

The full amount of the security deposit will be refunded within a maximum period of two (2) weeks after the departure of the Tenant providing no deductions were made. Deductions for the cost of repairs in the event of damage or lost properties are indicated in article 10. If deposit is insufficient to cover the repairs and penalties, the Tenant agrees to pay the difference, upon presentation of supportive documents by the Landlord.


14-  Termination of this Agreement and lost of security deposit:

Any serious breach of rental terms and conditions as stipulated in this Agreement may lead to the termination of the Agreement and the immediate eviction of all guests without any possibility of a refund.
Any of the following actions and/or similar behavior constitutes a breach of rental terms and conditions. As a result, the tenant will forfeit their entire security deposit.

  • Overcrowding – when the number of people in the apartment well exceeds the number of guests the apartment was booked for;
  • Having a party and/or disrupting other guests and/or neighbors;
  • Committing physical or verbal assault towards the Landlord’s representatives, residents or other guests and neighbors;
  • Causing willful damage to the Landlord’s property;
  • Causing any incident for which the police need to be called onto the premises;
  • Having any behavior posing a safety threat to others;
  • Ignoring advice to reduce excessive noise;
  • Smoking in the apartment.


15- Disputes:

Any claim relating to the condition of premises must be submitted to the Landlord within three (3) days after entering the apartment. All other claims must be sent by registered letter to the Landlord within height (8) days following the end of the stay. In case of disagreement, disputes are to be settled before the Quebec courts as they have sole jurisdiction.


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